Jesse Barber | CHEF

Barnyard is an intimate neighborhood restaurant by Chef Jesse Barber, bringing a soulful and rustic menu of small and shared plates, small-production wines and beers to South Venice.

Known for his mastery of meats and fish, Barber imbues his dishes with Mediterranean and Japanese flavors and textures. House-made sausages, slow-cooked stocks and seasonal produce are meticulously cared for; the quality refelects Barber's training under Thomas Keller, at French Laundry and Bouchon.

As the opening Chef de Cuisine at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice, Jesse led a troupe of talented, young professionals on a journey that involved late nights, early mornings and loads of commitment to their culinary craft. They transformed the space from near bankruptcy into one of GQ's “Top 10 Restaurants in America” and nominee for three James Beard Awards.

“Food is one of the most important connections between people and I hope to create lasting relationships with neighbors, friends, farms and local vendors.”

When he is not behind the stove, Barber is building his motorcycle, piece by piece, or surfing the waves, 2 blocks from Barnyard.


Raised in Portland, Celia developed her palate and love of fresh, honest food from a young age. At Clark Lewis she learned the balance of leadership and communication necessary for a restaurant to succeed. Celia has hosted, served and managed in some of Portland’s and LA’s busiest restaurants.

“Working with people and having face-to-face interactions is what gives my life meaning: sharing stories, enjoying food and wine, laughing, creating culture and community.”

In her spare time, Celia studies wine and beer and samples as much of LA’s culinary offerings as her busy schedule will allow. Her deft hand with family-style leadership makes her a wonderful manager for the Barnyard front of house.